Drift 13 / Berlin

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Drift Volume 13 explores the kiezkultur-the neighborhood culture-of Berlin. The German capital has become a magnet for young creatives from all over the world, making it one of the most vibrant metropolises of Europe. Welcomed by local Berliners, this multinational cast made its home in every corner of the city, bringing to these neighborhoods unique perspectives and new purposes, as well as the third wave of coffee. From Oderbergerstrasse in Kollwitzkiez to Friedelstrasse in Reuterkiez, these pages introduce the many people and places that make Berlin not only an exciting place to be creative, but, because of that, an increasingly better place to drink coffee.

Drift, Volume 13 includes:

  • A Dutchman, bored of his career in advertising, moves to Berlin, opens one of city’s longest-running roasters and earns the nickname the “Probat whisperer.”
  • Enjoying kaffeklatch—coffee chat—at three Berlin cafes, where you can indulge your sweet tooth along with an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • In Neukölln, coffee shops are finding their way to sustainability and zero waste.
  • A march through history, from the days of the Prussian empire through the Cold War, and into the modern-day cafes in the old tenement blocks of a city divided.
  • Once a gathering place for German Jews, coffee shops have, once again, become an important home for Berlin’s Jewish culture.
  • Remembering an airfield that saved Berliners in the winter of 1948. Can it be relevant again today?
  • And more…

Jazyk: anglicky


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